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As a consumer, we will usually just go ahead and browse the internet and just make a purchase if a certain review if good. Maybe we even tend to sign up on certain subscriptions because it seems like a good deal but then sometimes, this type of habit that we may have as a consumer may be more damaging. It usually gets us into a point where we are cornered and then suddenly shocked with crazy prices that has added up in total. Some reviews may even be ineffective so here is how business review sites can really help us when it comes to making decisions and making further mistakes. You can go to to learn more about home warranties. 


Yes, we can find a lot of business review sites nowadays but what exactly do they do? Basically, business review sites are open to anyone who would like to leave a review. There are also some business reviews sites that will not allow the owner to respond to the feedback or the review that they have received, and this review will affect the review of the company. Business review sites like Trust Dale are a certified company. A good example of what they offer is  They agree that a customer has the right when it comes to customer service and they also have a lot information about their company in their website. They follow a process when it comes to their reviews and one of them is about how the company should honor the prices that they advertised. This is one of the most important things because we may sometimes experience a sudden skyrocketing of price on our bills without even knowing why or sometimes, without even agreeing to this price. Trust Dale also verifies the company and has developed a standard consumer fairness which has been proven. Their review process also includes the consumer experience. This is where customer satisfaction kicks in and the team that Trust Dale has works on these reviews and are able to determine the pattern of customer satisfaction. They review licensing, certification, insurance and bonding and investigates their history when it comes to lawsuits. This is to make sure that a company is not doing any illegal business practices or are basically unprofessional when it comes to their job. So, if you, a consumer, has had an unpleasant experience from a certain company, don't be afraid of using Trust Dale's business review site. Send out a review on your experience from a certain company and share it through Trust Dale Business Review Site. If you want quality business feedback, check out